Along the river Dordogne

Guided canoe trips down the peaceful River Dordogne. After enjoying this original way of discovering the vineyards, the team at the Maison du Vin will welcome you for a tasting (grape juice for the children)

Contact informations

Rowing Club Castillonnais
Quai André Duranton
05 57 40 23 68
1 ½ to 2 ½ hour trip – Saturdays from May to September

Castillon Rowing Club

For many years now, the Rowing Club of Castillon has organized this excursion each summer along with their other rowing and canoeing activities. This takes place along the Dordogne river which flows alongside our historic city and operates all year long. A fun and sporting activity which allows a visitors to discover the area and heritage from a different perspective.

The Dordogne, a class 1 river, is very calm and flat during the summer season making it very easy to navigate by proficient or novice rower alike.